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Saddle Up, CHHS: Meet EntryMaster, Our New Rally booking system!

Entrymaster - Quick Start Guide
Download PDF • 562KB

Guess what? We've got some super exciting news to share – we've just rolled out a fresh and fancy Rally booking system called EntryMaster! Say goodbye to the old ways and get ready to ride the wave of a whole new Rally experience.

Chapter 1: Why Change is Good

Let's be real – keeping track of who's coming to the Rallies used to be a bit of a headache. Paperwork, scheduling hassles, and all that jazz. We figured, why not make life easier for everyone involved? So, we invested in EntryMaster, a game-changer designed just for us at Pony Club.

Chapter 2: Meet EntryMaster – Your New BFF

EntryMaster isn't your average booking system. It's here to make organising and joining Rallies a walk in the (horse) park!

Here's the lowdown on the fun features:

a. Quick Registration: No more paperwork woes (download the quick start guide) once you have logged on the worst is over! With EntryMaster, signing up for Rallies is a breeze. A few clicks, and you're good to go.

b. Live Updates: Stay in the loop with real-time updates on Rally details. No more last-minute surprises – we've got your back.

c. Customized Alerts: Get personalized heads-ups about upcoming Rallies and events. EntryMaster keeps you in the know, so you don't miss a thing.

d. Easy-Peasy Payments: Paying up for Rallies is as easy as ordering pizza online. EntryMaster's got a slick payment system via stripe so you can pay with debit or credit card, making everything smooth and hassle-free.

Chapter 3: Why EntryMaster Rocks Your Socks Off

Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, EntryMaster is all about making your Rally experience way more awesome:

a. More Riding, Less Admin: Spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time doing what you love – riding and hanging out with your Pony Club pals.

b. No More Confusion: EntryMaster puts an end to the confusion. Clear communication means everyone's on the same page, making Rallies way more enjoyable.

c. Get Everyone Involved: With EntryMaster, signing up for Rallies is so easy that even your grandma could do it. Let's get more peeps involved and make our Pony Club even more awesome!


CHHS Pony Club is joining up with EntryMaster, and we want you to jump on the bandwagon. Dive into the new system, have a blast at the Rallies, and let's make our Pony Club adventures even more exciting– all thanks to EntryMaster! Get ready to ride, party, and have a blast with your new Rally sidekick! 🐴✨

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