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A Working Rally is one at which instruction is given and which is open to all Members of the Branch ,rallies will be grouped on ability where appropriate.  It may be either a Mounted Rally, Unmounted Rally or a combination of the two.  An unmounted Rally is usually for horse and pony care instruction.

What is expected of you at a rally

PLEASE NOTE – All parents and children are expected to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before  a rally and stay 15 minutes after each rally to help put ALL equipment away this applies to ALL disciplines, for Show jumping where jumps need to be put out a minimum of 30 minutes is expected .


  • Your pony must be clean.  Groomed and comfortable in the tack they are being ridden in.

  • The first concern is for your ponies’ welfare.

  • Ponies and tack will be inspected and awarded marks, by your instructor.  These marks will be accumulated towards the turn out prize at the end of the year.

  • The most important reason for this inspection is SAFETY.

  • Your safety and that of your pony.

  • The tack needs to fit, be supple, clean and all stitching be secure.

 For Area Competitions, Horse/Pony and Rider must have attended a minimum of 3 Working Rallies.

The club calendar including rally dates can be accessed here.

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