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Hunter Trial Results.

Crawley and Horsham Hunt South Pony Club.

Annual Hunter Trials held at Arundel Park

on Sunday May 1st 2022..


Class 1A. Mini Mini. (45cm.) (Lead rein or assisted).

1st.​Eva Zakikhani – Wian Brenda.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Scarlett Zakikhani – Wian Brenda. ​0 penalties.

3rd.​Nelly Crookshank – Clarkson.​0 penalties.

Class 1B. Mini Mini. (45cm.) (Non assisted).

1st.​Lucy Symonds – Trigger.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Paige Rademeyer – Joey. ​0 penalties.

3rd.​Matilda Hinton – Belle.​0 penalties.

4th.​Leo Turner – Freddy.​0 penalties.

5th.​Chloe Fender – Teddy.​20 penalties.

6th.​Annabelle Bernstein – Princess Lexi.​40 penalties.

7th.​Charlotte Love – Harry.​​40 penalties.

8th.​Grace Hutchison – Crystal.​​80 penalties.

Class 2A. Mini Novice (65cm.) (16 years and under).

1st.​Emily Cotty – Bunowen Jewel.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Gaby Wood – Chinthurst Millie-Uno. ​0 penalties.

3rd.​Darcie Weaver – Smartie Pants.​0 penalties..

4th.​Abbie Lucas – Milo.​20 penalties..

5th.​Becky Paice – harry.​20 penalties..

6th.​Molly Bannister – Wizard.​​60 penalties.

7th.​Maddy Stocker – Finn.​​80 penalties.

Class 2b. Mini Novice (65cm.) (17years and over).

1st.​Bente Field – Jack.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Jenna Bennett – Finn.​0 penalties.

3rd.​Morgan Donovan – Silver Pride.​20 penalties.

4th.​Sophie Wratting – Tamara Never Dies.​20 penalties.

5th.​Sophie Flack – Cruise.​20 penalties.

Class 3. Mini Novice (65cm.)​ Pairs.

1st.​Brooke Meurer and Matilda Simpson.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Serena Toovey and Elizabeth Feakes.​20 penalties.

3rd.​Juliet Simpson and Josephine Mansbridge.​60 penalties.

4th.​Arthur Handy-Lee and Lou Handy.​80 penalties.

Class 4A.​Novice (80cm.) (16 years and under).

1st.​Alexandra Markell – Assagart Blue Diamond.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Hannah West – Hazel Star.​0 penalties.

3rd.​Lottie Gammans – Lord Mionlach.​0 penalties.

4th.​Kate Duval – Newtown’s Boy.​0 penalties.

5th.​Emily taylor – Lisduff Maggie Mae.​0 penalties

6th.​Bronte Hotston – Bobby Dazzler.​0 penalties.

7th.​Mya Stell – Knockmeal Jump For Joy.​0 penalties.

8th.​Molly Le Page – Clooneen Croi.​0 penalties.

Class 4B.​Novice (80cm.) (17years and over).

1st.​Dan Winnett – Buddy.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Millie Plummer – Andy Oisin. ​0 penalties.

3rd.​Elouise Needham – Rathcolman Girl.​0 penalties.

4th.​Louise Dunn - ​0 penalties.

5th.​Belinda Wilkins – Mystical Maisie.​0 penalties.

6th.​Claire Dinning – Dizzie Rascal.​0 penalties.

7th.​Fiona French – Belle.​0 penalties.

8th.​Caroline Peate – Silver.​0 penalties.

Class 5. Novice (80cm.)​ Pairs.

1st.​Kate Simmonds and Venetia McMorran.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Hilary Matthews and Sophie Garland.​​0 penalties.

3rd.​Emma farrow and Annabelle Townsend.​0 penalties.

4th.​Kayleigh Perry and Nicola Burgess.​0 penalties.

5th.​Hollie Shotter and Vicki Davis.​0 penalties.

6th.​Deborah Boulton and Fenella Humphreys.​0 penalties.

7th.​Claire Dinning and Grace Ridge-Edwards.​0 penalties.

8th.​Tula Cole and Liberty Gage.​0 penalties.

Class 6.​Intermediate,​(90cm.).

1st.​Sophia Page – Noon Hill.​0 penalties.

2nd.​Liberty Gage – George Nympton. ​0 penalties.

3rd.​Nicola Lamper – Rosmuc Boy.​0 penalties.

4th.​Bethan Holmes – Westlink.​0 penalties.

5th.​Evie Ellis – Mr Grey.​0 penalties.

6th.​Liz Raven – Foxy Orange.​0 penalties..

7th.​Hannah Payne – Tedspread.​20 penalties.

8th.​Lisa Sparrowhawk – Willbrook Cougers Diamond.​20 penalties.

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